Export of European goods to the CIS


countries worldwide

International transportation of goods and cargoes by various means of transport to 40 countries of the world!

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Different types of transport

Combined way

In a combined way - using several types of transport - sea and road, by rail and tilt trucks. Depending on the addresses of the sender and the recipient, the estimated delivery time is 10-14 days.

Marine transport

By sea. Container shipping is carried out between the EU's main ports and St. Petersburg within 3-5 days.

Air freight

By air - the fastest delivery method. The estimated period is 3-5 days, but if required, we can arrange express delivery. Cargo from a European capital to Russia will be delivered within 24 hours.

Auto transport

By car. From European countries, goods are delivered to the Russian capital within 5-7 days.


from EU

Delivery of general and groupage cargo from EU countries

If it is necessary to organize the delivery of small (in volume) cargoes, they are consolidated in warehouses. Groupage is popular because it provides an opportunity to reduce shipping costs. Express Logistics Company develops for each customer the optimal logistics schemes, an individual transportation route, taking into account the characteristics of the cargo.

The customer is given the opportunity to independently track the location of the cargo along the route from Europe to Russia. The freight operator provides the conditions for the transport of goods having special temperature requirements for transportation. A large fleet of trucks, including refrigerators, tanks for liquid bulk cargo, guarantees the safety of goods during transportation.

We arrange "door-to-door" cargo delivery:
  • – cargo pick up at the sender’s warehouse;
  • – preparing for transportation - labeling, packaging;
  • – processing of expeditionary and customs papers;
  • – goods insurance;
  • – delivery of goods by the most convenient and fastest route to the recipient's warehouse.
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