Marketing & Advertising Services

Connecting with and engaging your audience is the key to success in a competitive marketplace. We work diligently to understand your business, research the market, and make sure you stay top of mind. We will analyze your competition, develop strategies to reach your targets, motivate action, and build customer loyalty.

Market Research & Analysis

Before recommending marketing tactics for growth we begin with market research. We dive into your history and understand the "why" of what you do. This may include, but is not limited to, interviews, focus groups, surveys, competitor analysis, and more. The information gathered from market research then serves as the foundation for your messaging platform and strategic marketing recommendations. This process is essential for creating buy-in and generating a successful execution strategy.

Digital Marketing & Paid Search

Social networks and search engines such as Google Ads provide a unique advertising opportunity with the ability to target specific consumer demographics, behaviors, and preferences. NSTAR will help you identify your target audience and the behaviors and preferences that most define your desired audience segments. We also assist with the creation of ads, budgets, tracking, and ROI on your social media advertising or Google Ads campaign. NSTAR is a certified Google Partner - certification is awarded to companies with Google Ads skills and expertise.