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When deciding on cooperation with a company in any region of the world, the question constantly arises about the reliability and honesty of the Contractor. This applies to the situation when the legal entity orders a product or service, as well as to the situation when the Legal entity begins cooperation with a new Supplier/Partner/Customer.

When making a payment (prepayment) for goods or services, it must be clearly understood that the Supplier will fulfill all its obligations, deliver the goods or render the service clearly and on time.

It is important to verify the Contractor and choose reliable companies to eliminate the possible risks of the supply of low-quality goods, lack of warranty service.

For Legal Entities, verification of the Contractor is the main action to prevent financial and tax risks. The tax authorities of all countries strongly recommend that you check the Contractors and exercise due diligence using all available open and legal sources of information. The easiest way to search for and verify a Contractor is to work with our company. For more information, please leave a request below - our manager will contact you.

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Software development, advertising & consulting
Worldwide logistics and transportation
Foreign economic commodity transactions
Norway Logistics Ltd

It was necessary to develop a software for a Company in Norway. NSTAR log specialists helped both with the search of a developer and with the further support of the transaction for the duration. The result is a significant economy of both time and money.

Biz Courier Company

The most convenient and fastest way to execute the delivery of goods to Europe. It is a solution for payment, warranty and price problems.


Logistics and service of the highest level. Recommended for dealing with contractors in Asia.